Game reserve Bad Sassendorf- Freiherr von Wintzigeroder-Park

Exciting place for animal-lovers

Game reserve Bad Sassendorf is a game reserve open to the public where people and animals come face to face. While taking a leisurely stroll through this beautiful park, you’re bound to come across fallow deer, rabbits and all sorts of birds – and with a little luck you may even spot a peacock or two! Since the animals are used to humans, instead of running away startled, they continue to behave normally. This means you can watch the deer grazing from close up. Two insect hotels were built in 2014 where a wide variety of insects live, nest and hibernate.

Being able to get so close to the animals makes visiting the game reserve in Bad Sassendorf a highlight for children and adults alike. Youngsters’ eyes are bound to light up whenever a deer crosses the path right in front of them, perhaps looking them straight in the eye before continuing on its way. And the park is also a pleasant place to go for elderly visitors, too, since there are plenty of benches to stop for a breather. Enjoy the peace and quiet, the lush greenery in the woods, and the soothing fresh air while taking a walk through the game reserve.

Bad Sassendorf game reserve was named after the former district chairman of Soest, Baron Wintzingerode. Covering an area of 15.5 hectares, it mainly consists of deciduous forest. However, meadows, glades and orchards also provide the animals with a beautiful habitat. The park is located just outside the centre of Bad Sassendorf near Quellenhof Clinic.   

More details about Bad Sassendorf game reserve:

  • Open all year round, easily accessible
  • Admission free
  • Dogs allowed, but must be kept on a leash
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